Being Positive – Accepting that whatever is happening now is the best for this moment

We were at a crowded indoor play space, where many of us find ourselves during the cold and rainy months.

I was complaining about the crowds, how far away we had to park, how chaotic it seemed.

Then I realized something… my kids weren’t complaining at all. They didn’t even seem to notice these negatives that were consuming me.


I paused and changed the way I felt about the experience in front if me.

By accepting what is, we can let go of our expectations about how we wanted it to be or felt it should be.

So often we can resist what is and allow negativity from that to consume our whole experience. We can instead accept whatever is happening as the best for this moment.

Wherever we go, we take our mindset and attitude with us.

When we set an intention to be open and accepting to what is, our experiences are greater, more fulfilling.

Nothing outside of us can really control the way we feel inside. That part is up to us.

When we’re open and accepting, our children learn to be that way too. 

While it’s nice to be totally open and spontaneous. As parent, we also need to be planning ahead. So try to just plan ahead for essentials—food packed, appropriate clothes, well rested—and then be open to what happens beyond that. And keep HALT in mind:

Life Recipe: Remember HALT to help children be their best so we can all enjoy our time together more.

H – HUNGRY?   Then NOURISH them with the snacks you packed.
A – ANGRY?   Give them LOVE, they are hurting inside.
L – LONELY?  They need your ATTENTION, give them your presence and some one-on-one time.
T – TIRED? They need some REST or quiet time.

Remembering HALT, and letting go to what is by being accepting has been very helpful lately.

When we’re caught up in what we should be doing, the ideal situation, or the way everyone should be behaving, we usually come up disappointed.

Our children are their best when they can let their curiosity and imaginations soar. 

That means we can’t have a negative cloud over their whole experience.

We can really only do one thing at a time. So try to let go, accept and enjoy the experience in front of us.

When we can just be present and open, we are creating an environment for our children to be the same way. This is how we create more meaningful, fulfilling experiences with them.

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