Being a Mom – The most Amazing, Humbling, Joyful, Trying, Perfect Thing

From the earliest stages of pregnancy with Calvin almost four years ago to life now with three beautiful children, I am truly amazed every day. It is amazing how my body transformed to care and feed the growing baby inside me. And then to see the way in which every day each of them has grown bigger, brighter, and more uniquely into their own individual self every day.

Everyday is a new beginning and new challenge and moment-to-moment can be the highest of high and lowest of low.

Just when you think you have it all figured out, a new twist comes. The baby who was sleeping through the night suddenly wakes up every two hours. The toddler who ate everything suddenly threw his plate of freshly cooked and cut food back at you. Or your loving little preschooler harshly swings his arm at his playmate because he took the truck from him. So quickly, you can be swept into feeling like you are not cut up for this mothering thing.

But with every humbling moment comes ten times more moments of pure joy.

A newborn smile in her sleep. Hearing the sweetest, whole-body giggles from your little toddler. And once your little one starts talking and you hear the way they are thinking, the way they are imagining and experiencing the world, you too will experience the world differently, more lightly, more abundantly.

Children love so deeply that you begin to love more.

The little things in life that used to consume you seem meaningless. Life is about feeling, experiencing, and not worrying. Children test us because they feel. They feel whatever they are feeling. They feel the good, they feel the bad. They feel and then they move on – something that I need to do more of. Accept what is and let it go.

Children help me see that life is perfect—perfectly messy and beautiful

I used to think being outwardly perfect was important. My children helped me learn it’s what is inside that counts. They way I feel inside determines how I feel outside. If I just trust, like my children, that everything will be okay then it will. If I trust that everyday, each moment, even the really hard messy moments, are all part of life and I have to choose to react with love instead of fear.

I feel so blessed to have three children who inspire me to be better everyday.

Blessed for my three children

Blessed to be a mom of three beautiful children

They teach me to see the beauty in each moment, even the hard ones. They have made me a better person for every amazing, humbling, joyful, trying, and perfect experience they have brought me.

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