Becoming more conscious of our time and choices, and creating balance and fulfillment as a whole person – EDEM ep. 27 with Karli Kujawa Smith

In the busyness of our days, we can sometimes feel like life is just happening to us but really we are shaping our lives by the choices we make everyday. When we focus on awareness, we can be more conscious of the choices we are making and start creating a life that is our own that we can feel content about at the end of our busy day.

Meet Karli, a mom of two boys, who has found that even though life is busier with children, it’s much more colorful. She is a designer and creator at heart and hasn’t put that aside after having children. She’s found a way to nurture that part of her through her full-time work as a creative director and by building her own online shop with her husband where they hand craft, curate, collect and sell goods that have a soul and story.

Her shop is reflective of her life where she consciously chooses everything that fills it. When we bring awareness to our choices—everything from how we spend our money, to how we fill our home and our bodies, to how we create quality time to nurture our most important relationships—we become more purposeful.

Being purposeful means trusting ourself. Coming to the realization that each of us is the perfect mother for our child helps her with that. She knows that her best is to be real, and be her, and not be everything to everyone. It means giving her all to the things that mean most to her and not comparing her all to anyone else’s.

There is no guidebook to parenting or life, we are all doing the best we can, trying, failing, and trying again and that is enough as long as we are doing what feels right for us. It’s our job to teach our children to grow into their own unique selves, to follow their passions, and the best way we teach that is by living that way ourselves.

We discuss so much, including:

  • how to be thankful for the little things
  • focusing on quality of time, not quantity of time with children
  • being in the moment
  • shaping our perception toward more gratefulness
  • The uniqueness of each child at birth and how its our job to respect that without projecting our own passions upon them

You’ll love to hear from this woman with incredible passion toward her family and her business— which is truly an extension of who she is as a person. She inspires all of us to make time for the things that fill us up because doing so makes all the other parts of our life more colorful and meaningful.

Life Recipe: Staying balanced as a whole person

Staying balanced as a whole person is being able to consciously shift and focus our energies in different areas during different stages of our life. Below are the four core areas we focus our energy on and our amount of focus in each area is always shifting but never equaling more than 100%.

  • Yourself
  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Career

Whenever you are feeling especially drained or stressed out, try to take a step back and see what your primary focus is right now. Being aware of where your focus is and knowing this changes during different stages of life helps up put certain things on the back burner at times if we are focusing on other areas. We can’t give 110% to every area, we have to create the balance that is right for us in our particular stage of life. The amount of energy put into each area is different for everyone and always shifting.

We need to check into ourselves regularly to see if our energies need to shift or be

adjusted—especially when we’re feeling overly stressed. It means where we are putting our energy is out of balance and our attention to certain things needs to change. Knowing certain areas are given more focus at certain times in our life helps us not feel guilty about not being everything to everyone. It helps us find the right balance and do the best we can. By choosing where to focus at a given time, we can take ownership over our decisions and feel more content and less guilt when certain areas are not given as much focus as other areas.


“Life isn’t just happening to me. I am shaping my own life.”

“I try to just be aware of what I am feeling, doing, purchasing. So I am filling my home, my life with things that have meaning, consciousness.”

“If you can buy something that positively impacts someone life. You are contributing to a lot of cycles of people trying to do the right thing and promoting things that they love and trying to make a decent living for their families.”

“It fulfills me because I’ve always been a creative designer person. I feel most like me when I am doing this kind of thing.”

“I’m very conscious of the time I spend away from them so I’m very conscious of the time with them and giving them all my attention and its easier to do that because I’m not wishing I am someplace else because I’ve already taken the time to do the things I need to do to be me.”

“It fascinates me to see how much of them is just in them – it’s who they are. We have to recognize that and respect that and really trying to support what they are good at and passionate about, It’s not about me. They are all their own people and just being happy about that. It’s fun.”

“I am the best mom for my children, just as I am. It doesn’t mean I wont mistakes or wish I had done something differently or that it’s not going to be hard. I bring something special to my children and because I love them with everything that I have.”

“I don’t want them to be afraid to make a mistake. I want them to always feel like they can talk to me and they can make mistakes just as we do. It’s okay. Just own it and learn from it.”

“I try to say thank you for the little things everyday. Thank you for dinner even though it happens everyday. When I look at my spouse in the light of gratitude, it keeps me in a better mindset about our marriage.”

“Parenting makes life more intense and colorful. I want a life that isn’t easier but richer and fuller for me.”

About Karli

Karli is a 34 year old wife and mother of 2 boys ages 5 and 2. She works outside the home (although sometimes from her home office) as a digital creative director for Hyatt. This past spring she was looking for a new creative outlet and started an e-commerce shop with her husband dedicated to ethically sourced home goods and accessories from around the world called Casa Verde. They wanted a way to support and promote the hardworking artisans they have met during their travels domestically and abroad and share their goods with like-minded people in the states. Along with their goods, they want to share their stories because that is what makes an object so special.
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