Be real, be silly, and be open to the relationships and opportunities that can make you grow – EDEM ep. 19 with Patti Cella

What if we focused more on being real, being silly, and putting ourself out there so we keep growing and experiencing life as it is—instead of worrying what our life looks like to others and trying to achieve an image of perfect that isn’t even realistic?

Meet Patti Cella, a hysterical mom of three young boys, who embodies all of these things. You’ll laugh a lot and be completely touched by the slightly unconventional yet wholehearted and genuine way she parents and lives her life.

You would never know she lost her mother less than a year ago to a sickness that ended her life way too soon. She shares how she makes time for reflection and prayer so she can still connect with her. She’ll take a moment to herself and smile as she thinks about one of their many wonderful memories together. She tells us that it’s the memories live on, and help her to move through grief that comes up.

It’s for this reason that she encourages us to live for experiences, to step out of our comfort zone, and make time to do things with the people we love, because we never know the day our life will change. That means not worrying so much about a messy house, letting kids be kids, and going after the things that fill you up inside—even and especially if it feels scary—because that’s the good stuff.

When we open our hearts, we’ll be amazed by the relationships and opportunities to grow ourselves that come our way. It lead to Patti starting a real estate career that is making her happy. And when she is feeling happy, she can be a better mom to her children. Opening our hearts also means saying yes to invitations, being nice to others, and reaching out to new people. You never know who is going to come into your life and leave a footprint.

You’ll love hearing from this amazing woman whose mother is surely smiling down on her because she is inspiring everyone she meets to open up their heart as wide as she has.

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Life Recipe: Always be open to meeting new people – you can never have enough friends.

You never know who is going to walk into your  life and change it. You should never stop growing yourself or growing your network of people. You’ll be surprised by who comes into your life and leaves a footprint. If you can keep an open mind with other people and other moms it will be easier to put yourself and other peoples’s shoes and open your heart.

“When you work and putting yourself in a position where you’re vulnerable but you’re learning, your testing your own limits and pushing yourself to be a better person—and in turn you’re a better mother.”

Quotes from the Podcast

“You’ll never be the richest, the smartest, the prettiest so get over it and be nice to everyone and invite everybody to everything and don’t get on people’s bad side.”

“I hate when people say you have enough friends. You never know who is going to walk into your  life and change it.”

“A memory pops into my head and it makes me happy. Because the memories are all we have.”

“Cherish every second because you never know the day your life will change.”

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 Patti Cella

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