Acupuncture to restore balance and well-being for conception, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond  – EDEM ep. 37 with Annie Spindler  – EDEM ep. 37 with Annie Spindler

Sometimes we feel alone or ashamed of feelings of anger, frustration or isolation that come up. Yet, these feelings are inside all of us and natural.

Just as natural as it is to have these feelings, are methods to treat them. Meditation, acupuncture, and reiki, to name a few are natural, ancient methods that can help restore balance in our body, mind, and spirit so we can feel centered and positive again.

Meet Annie Grimes Spindler, a mother of two daughters, and owner of Serenity Acupuncture, where she offers a wide range of women’s health services, specializing in women experiencing fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum stresses.

We learn about her practice of five-element acupuncture, which is based on the elements of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood that are in nature and each of us. She shares simple things we can do everyday to restore and harmonize these elements so we can feel more centered.

As a mom of two young daughters, treating new moms is close to her heart. She understands the exhaustion and intense feelings we can have as moms and wants us all to feel better and not afraid to ask for help with it. It’s important because when moms feel stronger, happier, and more full of life, it spreads to the whole family. The children pick up on it, feel it, and learn to live that way too.

We discuss so much:

  • How hard we can be on ourselves as moms and the importance of self-care
  • Taking a step back every evening to reflect on the day and how it helps her feel like she accomplished more than she thought on her busy days
  • Power of breath and pausing
  • Looking at nature and following the energy of it (i.e., allowing ourself slow down in winter, to calm down and be still and peaceful as nature is in wintertime)
  • Being okay with the juggle of our busy lives right now – why taking the plunge to do what you love is important

I hope you can sit down and relax as you hear Annie’s calming and soothing words. Maybe even take it as  as an invitation to treat yourself more kindly and start you own self-care practice. When we take care of ourselves, our children learn too that a positive well-being is our natural birthright and how we are meant to be living.

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Life Recipe: Five simple things to do everyday to stay in balance and along with the five elements of nature within us

Making time for each of these things are important and will help us feel better day to day.

  1. Fire joy and happiness – take time to laugh. Laugh at something, laugh yourself and your kids. It’s so important to laugh everyday.
  2. Earthnurture yourself – self-care is so important. Take care of yourself. Feel nourished in the meals that you eat. It’s not always easy to eat well. Enjoying your food, feeling nourished. enjoy and take in whatever you are being nourished by. Nourish your soul and tell yourself you deserve this right now.
  3. Metal – Take time to breathe. Meditation and mindfulness are so important. If you can’t take ten minutes to meditate, just breathe. When you’re in the car, your child’s screaming, just breathe. Find some inspiration everyday. Listen to song you love, feel inspired.
  4. WaterWe need water everyday. Take some time to drink water. It’s so important for our bodies.
  5. WoodMotivation, drive, movement. Exercise that wood element. Even if you can’t get to gym, move around, move your body.

“We ask a lot of ourselves and so having simple reminders that we can take care of and expand our body, mind, and spirit everyday with these simple practices promotes our well-being.” – Annie Spindler

About Annie

Annie is a Nationally Board Certified and Illinois State Licensed Acupuncturist.  She practices Worsley style Five Element Acupuncture and studied at Wu Hsing Tao School in Seattle, WA.  Her passion for Acupuncture came from receiving treatment for stress while in school at Bastyr University.  She immediately felt a connection with the ancient wisdom and healing power of this medicine.

Fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care are among Annie’s main interests.  She has seen, firsthand,  the relief that comes with treatment for new Moms.  Having a baby can be the most fulfilling experience we will ever have.  However, this time of joy may come with a whole set of new challenges.  Babies need Moms to be feeling comfortable and taken care of.  While most of the attention turns to the baby after the birth,  the mother still needs support and nourishment.  Acupuncture can help Moms feel grounded, centered, relaxed and happy.  And happy Moms make happy babies!

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